Escape Room

Time is of the essence, the aliens are alive. Captured in the confines of Area 51, solve your way through rooms, each one testing your intellect. Be the first to navigate away from their grasps, and be rewarded for your survival.


The question remains, do you have what it escape?

Presenting Escape Room: Area 51


Prizes worth 10k up for grabs

  • Registrants can participate in teams of maximum 3 people.

  • The event consists of 4 rounds. 

  • Each round consists of puzzles and challenges that participants have to solve to obtain the key to the next round.

  • The final round takes participants to a 3D simulation of the outskirts of Area 51, where participants would be required to solve the clues present to obtain the key to escape from the facility.

  • The first three teams to complete all stages will be the winners of the event.

  • The event will conducted on discord and all members will be required to join a lobby server  before the event begins.

  • The event flow and other specifics will be informed post registration.

  • Any team found indulging in any form of malpractice will be removed from the event immediately.

  • Decision made by the organizers will be final.

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